Professor Phd in didactics

Leif has a background as a science teacher. He is a professor in education, director for didactics and director/chair of the research environment ”Studies of Meaning-making in Educational Discourses” (SMED) at Uppsala University. He is visiting professor at Maynooth University (Ireland) and Ghent University (Belgium) and has a long experience in developmental projects in foremost Sweden and Asia and in research on teaching and learning in science and sustainability education.

Professor in Sustainability

Katrien has worked as a non-formal educator in youth work and NGOs and as a sustainability education policy advisor for the Flemish government. Extensive experience in capacity building for educators. Research professor at Ghent University’s Centre for Sustainable Development ,coordinates the research line on sustainability education. Lead in projects and networks on learning in sustainability transitions, sustainability in higher education, climate education and challenge-based teaching on real-world sustainability problems.

Data Scientist

Ekta is an AI scientist at Silo AI Sweden AB, and has a background in computer vision and data science. She holds a PhD in Computer Vision, and has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Image Analysis, Uppsala University. She is an IBM certified data science professional, and is interested in research and development of innovative AI solutions.

Senior Advisor AI, ML

Daniel is a co-founder of the machine learning specialist company Scaleout and has previously spent years bringing machine learning solutions to market as CTO and CEO of two medtech companies. He has a M.Sc. in biotechnology and bioinformatics as well as a B.Sc. in business and economics, both from Uppsala University.
Recent speaking appearances at events include the Federated Learning Conference, Data and Innovation Summit and the Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit.

Implementation researcher/specialist

Petra have performed research in Implementation Science since 2010 and are an affiliated researcher to Linköping University. Petra also have research projects at Karolinska Institute. Petra have extensive experience from real-world implementations as a business developer and manager. Within her research she and her research group have developed a toolkit for measuring and support readiness to change in relation to implementation of digital solutions (E-ready Toolkit).