Education is part of solving big challenges such as poverty, climate change, health and inequality. We work with Heart, Mind and Hands always with a focus on a better next day and a long-term engagement. We believe in cooperation crossing boundaries of theory and practice. From the global perspective on to the local mindset. With the potential of bringing together human creativity and digital tools. 


Our aim is to support teachers and policymakers worldwide. We have the ambition to solve problems that teachers experience. Lack of time and working in isolation. We embrace education and work with teachers, students to create and share fruitful fascinating tools and better decision basis. Together with stakeholders we tackle the biggest problems of the educational system. The everlasting re-invention of the wheel, silos-thinking, and the lack of quality assurance and accumulation.    


EduQuality connects everyone with a passion and commitment for high-quality education and a sustainable world. We combine a variety of skills, knowledge and expertise to optimise quality and reinforce progress. The work is performed with mutual respect for diverse competences. Never underestimate the power of P2P networking – join in, hang on and accelerate with us.